[Week 1] Initialization


The general idea of data structures are to represent information in ways that make certain operations easier or faster. We briefly talked about why this matters: the complexity of algorithms. Complexity is a very important concept to computer scientists and should always be thought about while programming.

The important terms to remember are listed below. Part of your homework is to write down what these mean in your own words.

In addition to introducing these topics, we also looked at hackerrank.com. This is a website that provides a variety of programming problems. You should complete at least 2 before next week. For the 2 that you complete, you should think about why complexity is important to those problems.


  1. Algorithm
  2. Data Structure
  3. Search
  4. Sort
  5. Complexity


  1. Define the terms above in your own words
  2. Complete 2 programming problems on hackerrank.com, taking note of why complexity is important

Bonus: Get at least rank 5000 in the Python section.

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