HEROES Academy: Data Structures, Winter 2017

Course Description

Computer Science is about computing data and solving problems. In the “Introduction to Python” course, students learned how the syntax of Python worked. In this course, we cover the basic and fundamental tools used to solve computational problems. Students learn how to turn that syntax into a finely honed tool.

The course will start with looking at the computational concerns Computer Scientists have about algorithms: space and time complexity. We will use this as the basis for discussing recursion, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, search strategies, and sorting techniques. The course will conclude with a practical tour of Python’s data structures, grounding them in the theoretical underpinnings covered in the first 8 weeks.

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This document is intended to be a companion to the Data Structures course taught at Heroes Academy. For more information about HEROES Academy, please visit it here.

Below and to the left you will find the sections of this document. Each week there will be exercises to complete at home, as well as supplementary materials for further understanding and learning. Data Strutures is a well-studied topic that consists of abstract data structures and their various implementations. We will cover the broad range of abstract data structures without delving too deeply into any specific implementation.

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